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Financial Planning

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For the future everyone needs to plan and find ways to save money, but being single presents a few unique opportunities and issues to consider. It’s really about understanding how much money you have, where it goes, and then planning how to best allocate those funds. Everyone should learn financial planning. When Financial planning, you must think about short term and long term savings. After expenses, you must set aside money for savings every month. Most people who are financial planning believe in setting aside 20% of monthly income towards savings. Financial planning isn’t something that happens by itself. It requires focus and discipline. Many people think that the future will take care of itself. Good financial planning means that your dream car will not be a dream, but a reality. Learn ways to manage, save and make more money than ever before. Everyone deserve to have the right financial advice to make the right decisions so you’ll almost always land on your feet if life throws you a curve. Looking for information about financial planning is a smart idea. Financial planning needs to account for expenses like rent, utilities, food per month and others basic needs. A good financial planner understands investments, taxes, estate planning issues and knows how to listen and that is you.

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With people from former Federal Reserve Chairmen Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan to former Citigroup (NYSE: C) Chairman and CEO John Reed suggesting that banks viewed as "too big to fail" should be broken up, it is worth looking at the history of government-mandated corporate breakups and the results. In doing so, two common themes emerge. First, break-ups of corporate monoliths seem to be a boon to shareholders; the sum of the parts tends to be greater than the whole. Second, break-ups tend to be undone over time, as constituent parts more

Investing is a three-dimensional juggling act that involves Market Approach (what to buy or sell), Trading and Timing Strategies (when to buy or sell), and Risk and Money Management (how much return and risk to take). To increase the probability of investment success all the three dimensions should be performed whether you are fund manager or an investor.

So how do you differentiate yourself from a fund manager? – Basically you come up with answers to the same three questions (what . . . , when . . . ., and how much . . .) using different more

They spooked the Microsoft founder into early retirement. Now they're going to bring down his empire and make a handful of investors rich. You can join them -- but you must act now.

In Redmond, Washington, one of the world's richest -- and most powerful -- businessmen sent an urgent memo to his top engineers and most-trusted managers.

It sounded the alarm that a very disruptive "wave" was about to wash over the entire world -- forever changing the way we get information and do business.

It also warned this would wipe out the $200 billion business empire he'd spent
his life building.

Meanwhile, a few hundred miles south, on the banks of the Columbia River, a mysterious outfit known only as "Design LLC" quietly constructed two massive, windowless warehouses.

This mammoth undertaking was code-named "Project 2," and the International Herald Tribune described the towering monolithic structures as "looming like an information-age nuclear plant."

I realize this may sound like something out of a Tom Clancy novel, but I think you'll want to bear with me, more

Most people dream is financial freedom and security . Aside from being a tough road, not too many people know about this road, setting financial goals, Money management is about using what you have to get what you want — your goals. Here, you will know where you should begin, what paths you will have to take, what you have to bring with you on the journey, and what landmarks to follow, and what dangers you have to avoid. Taking more control of spending and where money goes can result in surprising accomplishments toward financial independence. No one will argue that it is smart to save money for those big-ticket items we really want to buy — a new television or car, or college education, a home. Every adult dreams that he or she will be able to get old without having to worry about food, shelter, clothing, possibly hospitalization, and so on. Whatever it is that you desire to attain in the future, the road that you will take to prepare yourself financially for that future is the same. There is only one road that leads to financial well-being and security. It’s not an easy road to follow, because it requires making sacrifices today in exchange for security and happiness in the future.